Dmitry Sklyarov: Adobe vs Elcomsoft

    Russia is shown now as a not treatning factor in global international affairs. Suddenly America seems to show the symptoms which where set in the book by Welles '1984'. Big Brother is watching: Microsoft, Adobe, FBI (since when are Feds private guards?).

    Then to think that in the end it will come out that someone will say 'sorry' and everything will end in a Poof. BUT Dmitry already is influenced by it. He is not with his children and woman. He is denied freedom which is everybody's right. Is not the phrase: 'Every person is innocent untill proven guilty' ? The experiences he is now having, are going to haunt him for the rest of his life, and why? Because companies like Adobe and Microsoft (yes I try to keep it at equal level) and others are to slow to think. As soon as there is someone saying: 'Your mistake' they act as spoiled children, these also don't try to learn from a mistake.

    The whole point is, that this facade of 'routine job in crime solving' is nothing more than a way to 'kill' the situation. See it as a child that has run of with something that he should have. Now he realises that he was wrong, but not understanding enough, he does not dare to return it. So there are now two options: Kill the problem right away, or be hideous about it, hoping it will all cool down and then in the end the child can say it wasn't his fault and nobody cares.

    The solution? Demand the returning of Dmitry. If no comply, strike. Adobe is not interesting, but it is the government of the US (Including not withstanding Mr. Bush Jr.) that chooses this act. They are the once that should say: 'Wait a minute, this is not correct. We are DEMOCRATIC, we are an example to the world, so we have to work in careful and consistent ways'. If the people say it is wrong, then the 'representatives of the people' should obbey.

    Of course there should be a concrete show of the working of the act. But this is not the way. As seen by the actions of several people with more brain than a combined Senate, it should be evident that this has to come to a stop. Or it is going to be another Elan-crisis.

    This US action is of World-wide concern. The taliban can not do what they bid, neither can the American Government, without the people accepting it.

    Said by a concerned World and internet-citizen.

    Mark 'Guidance'.

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